„(There’s No Meaning

To Any Of This) Until

we Find out what it is“

CD Release

Photoshop | Indesign | Illustrator

I designed the artwork and packaging for the 2019 double CD release of this album by Kanoi!


The front cover of the album

CD release 1

The CD version of the album was released alongside the digital version in co-operation with German label ‚Clostridium Records‘ & Austrian label ‚Gasstation Rainbow Records‘!

CD release 2

The artwork was designed through collaging various pictures in Photoshop, the text elements where then added via InDesign!

The colourful direction was chosen to reflect the various musical directions & genres present on the album!

The front cover in various stages of completion:

The album also garnered a very positive, 8/10 stars review in German music magazine ‚Eclipsed‘