Role(s): Art Direction, Conceptualization

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Generative AI, Blender 3D

Project Type: Albumcover Design, Personal Project

Austrian band "KRPL" asked me to design the cover for their second album "Blei" after not being able to decide on an artistic direction regarding the cover art.

I presented them with three different concepts for the cover: Concept #1 is based on an abstract take on a scam tactic called the "Pigeon Drop", with the heavyness of the music and the title coming through in the stretched typography wrapping around the cover, while Concept #2, modelled and simulated in Blender, plays with the contrast of a heavy, crude object (in this case the band-logo) dropping onto a luxurious and soft surface. Concept #3 mirrors the music on the album which is very angular and mathematical, resulting in a minimalistic, geometric and gridlike visual. This was also the design KRPL chose in the end.

Concept 1, Frontcover
Concept 1, Backcover
Concept 2, Frontcover
Concept 2, Backcover
Concept 3, Frontcover
Concept 3, Backcover
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